Viva Club offers consultancy and assistance in organizing business meetings, reunions, conferences, presentations, sessions, by providing digital equipped rooms and equipment rental services. We can also provide coffee breaks, lunches and dinners.

We have available to your choice, 140 square meter conference room that can hold a capacity of 100 seats, a 300 square meter reunion room with a capacity of 350-400 seats and a 29 square meter session room which has a capacity of 10 seats.

The conference rooms are equipped with air conditioning, wireless internet, video projectors, projection screens, sound systems, wireless microphones, landline phones, flipcharts. The club’s specialized personnel can offer guidance on account of the specifics of the event, and can help organize and provide the necessary projection and sound equipment, but also the simultaneously translation of two languages.

Our department is at your disposal, ready to satisfy your demands, paying attention to all details and welcoming you in a hospitable and refined manner.